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The G1 And It's Oddball Features.

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The T-Mobile G1 cell phone, for the most part, is a very useful and interesting piece of equpiment. The screen is bright and you can adjust the display settings to make it brighter or softer, depending on your personal preferance. You can also make the text sizes bigger if you have bad eyesight or smaller if you want to fit more into the viewing area.There is an extensive market for applications and many of them are free or very cheaply priced. They range from games to money management to just plain random. The battery life, however, is not the greatest. If it is fully charged when you wake up, it will be down to a very low battery state within two hours. They make an extended battery you can purchace for the phone which works honest wonders for this phone. The G1 also has 3G internet which you can toggle on and off between 3G and 2G networks. You can also use your own Wireless Internet instead of the 3G, whic really helps save the battery. The phone has a camera but it has no flash or zoom features so it does not work at night or in dimly lit situations but the quality when you can take pictures is not half bad. The screen is touch screen and it flips up to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard or you can just use the on screen keyboard if you prefer to keep the screen flipped down. The G1 also features a Google search engine where you press the microphone button, tell the phone what you want to search for, and the phone will automatically open the internet and search for your requested keywords.

All in all, the T-Mobile G1 is not horrible if you can look past the extremely weak battery life and flash-less camera. I would recommend it for anyone