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The Game Console Of Adventures!

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I am no expert in video gaming consoles, but my 9 year old son has a lot of experience! So, this review is based on my son's words and ratings...(I do have a little input as well!)

Brett received the Nintendo Wii for Christmas 2007; he was definately surprised because of the availability of the product at the time (it was very difficult to obtain)! For a kid it may be difficult to set up, but for an adult, the set up was pretty easy and the directions are helpful. The Nintendo Wii comes with one wireless remote, a remote jacket, one nunchuk (an additional controller to operate some games), one sensor bar that sticks to the top of your TV(or around there), one AC adapter, one AV cable and a Wii Sports game disc.

After setting up to your TV and turn on, you can make yourself a "Mii", your friends and your family! It really is neat, because you customise yourself by the way you look. You choose the shape of your face, the color of your skin, the color of your hair and I even put glasses on my face - you can stretch a face or make it rounder, etc.. Once you set up a "Mii" and your family and/or friends you can play the games on Wii Sports, which include: Tennis, Bowling, Golf, Baseball and Boxing. We played as a family and it was definately fun (hard for me but still fun). You have to be careful because you do the work by swinging your arms and by doing a bit of work, you can hurt yourself if you try too hard!!! The remote comes with a rope so that it attaches to your wrist which I recommend using all of the time because the remote can be accidentally thrown!!

There are many different types of games from rated "E" like the Wii Sports or LEGO series to rated "M" like The Call of Duty or World at War. You can even get your exercise by purchasing the Wii Fit and start yoga classes, strength training and even aerobics!! Based on the games you want to purchase and play you can get different accessories, but you don't have to, the wireless remote that it comes with will do the trick, but it can be more fun if you are playing a driving game and you are using the accessory steering wheel. Oh, and try Guitar Hero or Rock Band for the Wii you get to use a guitar, drums and/or microphone! We may never be an expert in any of these games but it is a making for a great time! Playing Nintendo really makes you feel like you are in the game! What will they think of next?

Even though the console is smaller in size and could be moved from location to location, I would not recommend it. It really is set up to stay in one location. The remote is battery operated with two AA batteries, but you can purchase a remote charger as an accessory. Now that we have owned this system for over a year, it is notably durable, we have not had any issues with any part of the system.

Wether you are young or old the Nintendo Wii is filled with your own adventures; become a rock star, a pro boxer, win the World Series, get fit or just simply play the good old fashion video games - it's your choice and have fun doing it!