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The Game Ends With You.

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By sylar on
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The World Ends With You, or TWEWY for short is an RPG for the Nintendo DS created by Square Enix. It was released in the US on April 21st, 2008.

You play as Neku, and an few other characters who i will not name as it pertains to spoilers. TWEWY is a more unique in the way that you battle using two people at the same time using both screens on the DS. The bottom screen is always for Neku, and the top screen is always used to control your partner character, who will change periodically during progression of the game. You will start out controling Neku and shiki. You use the style to attack with Neku and the Dpad to control your partner character.

If you don't want to control your partner character, you can leave your hand off of the Dpad and the computer will start to control the partner character for you, although that may not be a good choice. The A.I. for the partner character is pretty dumb at times. There have been many a battle where i have lost because all of the damage taken was my partner character being constantly attacking and standing there doing nothing, while i was dodging everything. It's better to just use the Dpad and wing it.

The story of the game is pretty interesting right off the bat. Neko is thrusted into a Game where the object is to just survive. The game has other players, along with enemies. Each day Neku and his partner will get a mission they have to compete in a certain amount of time or face being erased from the game. Along the way you will encounter other players in the game who may help you by giving you information. The game was created by a guy called: "The Composer", he employ's a GM (Game Master), and reapers to help the game play out. Reapers can either attack the player, or hinder them by placing up walls and requesting the player complete a certain task. From Defeating all the enemies on the screen, to making certain clothes popular.

Neku uses "Pins" to fight enemies. Each Pin has a Psych ability, which is used to attack the enemy. From shooting out fire, to slash attacks. The Psych's are activated by what you do on the Touch Screen. For instance, you equip the fire pin, then during battle you draw a line to use fire in that line, or you equip slash and swipe across the enemy on the Touch Screen to attack it. Pins can eventually evolve into better pins if you meet certain requirements. Although attacking can be annoying at times since the game can interpreteone squiggle as a different one and mess up your attacks. Or attack when you are trying to move Neku out of the way of an on coming attack. Both you and your partner character use one giant Life Bar, if that bar depletes, it's game over.

During the game you wll have the ability to buy clothes from shops, they can raise your stats while equipped, some even give bonuses depending on who is equipping them. They apparently can help you during battles if they are the current trend, but i never really payed attention to the trends. You make an outfit type a trend in a certain area by wearing it duringb a lot of battles in that area.

The enemies in the game are called "Noise", You fight Noise by clicking the scan button on the touch screen, then clicking on the Noise symbol. You can link Noise when you get to certain parts of the game. You also have to buy a specific item from the store.

The game uses a nice art style and makes it look beautiful. It's definitely one of the better looking games on the DS in it's own right. The graphics and colors never clash with each other. It's simple, and at the same time complex.

The Sound is also top notch, the game's music is a mixture of rap and pop. It's pretty addicting music that will have you singing along with it if you're not careful. Your characters will yell out certain phrases during battle to either Taunt you, or yell at the enemies.

The story in the game is pretty interesting. While i won't spoil it, in the end it sends out a good message to people. My overall rating for The World Ends With You is a 4/5, It would have gotten a 5/5 if it weren't for the sometimes Touchy Controls and the horrible A.I. when the computer controls your partner.