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The Game Of Scattergories Is A Surefire Hit !

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By comedyfan23 on
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Scattergories is such a fun game. I have brought it to many parties and played it at home with guests. Each time I play Scattergories with friends, it has always gotten great results and everyone loves it. This game is particularly accepted at parties because it is an ages 12 and up game, and two to six people can play at one time. The game changes every time since the questions are basic and the answers can be changed depending on the letter on the dice. It is pretty easy to explain how this game works. Simply put, you roll a 26 sided die and it lands on one letter of the alphabet. Next, you turn the timer over, and each person looks at thier topic card. There are 12 topics per card. Then you answer the topic with a word that starts with the letter that was just rolled. For example, if your letter was B and your topic was vegetables then you would put down something like broccoli. However, the challenge is to put down a word that no one else would think of. At the end of the game each person reads off thier list and if someone else has that word on the same topic, you both cross it off. The person with the most words that have not been crossed off wins! This game is loads of fun whether you are at a family gathering, or partying with friends.

Update On Nov 14, 2008: I still enjoy playing this game. It has been a family favorite for years. Since there are many different answers to the different categories, Scattergories never gets old!