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The Games Factory 2 Baby Steps To Game Programming

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Game programming is very popular now-a-days. From the epic Call of Duty series to World of Warcraft, game programming seems to be impossible with these fantastic games. You think to yourself, it would be nice to create a popular, addicting game everyone can enjoy. Well, good news, now you can! With The Games Factory 2, you can start your programming off with easy-to-use templates and instructions. The Games Factory 2 presents your first steps to become a successful game programmer.

The Games Factory 2 is very easy to use because of its coding-free program and its simplicity. You do not need to know how to code for this program, because The Games Factory 2 displays a unique coding system of its own. The Games Factory 2 has a "If-then" type of system. For example, if you would like your main character to "stop" when he runs off the screen, you would have to go to the coding template, and select "if scientist [Main Character] collides with left screen, then scientist stops." This simplicity really bring out the true advantages of The Games Factory 2.

The Games Factory 2 displays an amazing way to gaming because of the variety. You can choose between a platform game, an adventure game, a mini-game series, etc. You can even make your own Doodle Jump (popular application for the iPod Touch/iPhone)!

Let's say that you've just accomplished to make a new, amazing, fun, addicting game and you want to unleash it to your friends and into the world. Well, it's easier than you may think. With a USB drive or a blank disk, it is very possible. With The Games Factory 2, you can burn your game with the USB drive or the blank disk and unleash onto the internet, or even sell it on eBay.

Overall, to start your baby steps towards game programming, The Games Factory 2 presents a magnificent way to do so.