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The Ghost, The White House, And Me, By Judith St. George

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The Ghost, the White House, and Me is a great book by Judith St. George. My sister loves reading, and this was one of her favorite books. She recommended it to me, and I decided to read it too. It was a relatively short book, around one hundred and fifty pages, so I finished it in about an hour. It was easy to read, and was really interesting. I really got into this one. The book is a mystery, which is my favorite genre. It keeps you on your toys, and makes you guess, and ends up surprising you. The story is about a girl named KayKay Granger. Her mom is elected as President of the United States. KayKay and her sister, Annie, move into the White House, excited, thinking that the next few years there would be of great fun. But it turns out that it's not as fun as it sounds. Things get a lot more interesting when the two sisters find out that the White House just may be haunted by Abraham Lincoln's spirit. The two plan on getting to the bottom of the mystery, and find surprising information. I highly recommend reading this book, it's really worth your hour.