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The Gift A Must See Supernatural Thriller

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rosehill By rosehill on
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How is it possible that this movie didn't make it to the top? This is an all time classic on par with Urban Cowboy the legendary movie with John Travolta. A slice of small town America brilliantly portrayed by some of the finest actors of our time.

Granted, I am not one to run out to see the latest movie that has been touted by the critics as the best of the year. I am one of those viewers that like a movie with substance, with underlying currents, with open possibilities, in short a movie that is a bit like life - unpredictable. I originally rented the DVD and liked it so much I bought it.

Who's in this movie? An all star cast if I ever saw one. Cate Blanchett is the main character, she portrays a widow, a mother of three children, barely scraping by on her intuitiveness. Translation, she is a fortune teller in a very small town where everyone knows each others dog by name. No secrets can be kept in this town. Except, someone did, a murder was committed and no one is talking. Keanu Reeves is brilliant as the violently jealous husband of one of Cate's clients, none other than Katie Holmes. The plot thickens as the eerie backwoods swamp slowly reveals the secret beneath. The stellar cast includes Hilary Swank and Giovanni Ribisi (Private Ryan), the script was written by Billy Bob Thornton. Do you really need to know more?

This is movie making at it's best. This movie should have won an Oscar, it's that good. Don't believe me, then believe Ebert and Roper they gave it two thumbs up. Somehow this movie flew under the radar. Go get the DVD, if you like a bit of intrigue, appreciate fine character studies and an opportunity to see a thriller made possible by small town America. If you like only blow 'em up and clever, yet somehow nonsensical dialogue then skip this one. To sum it up, I agree, The Gift is a gripping tale of supernatural intrigue - and chilling terror (and in my opinion small town tattle tale and deadly goings on:) I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did. My take, if you like 'Charmed' I bet you love this movie. Again, to do this movie justice, I have to say this movie goes much deeper. Have a look - you might like it.