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The Go To Girl

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"The Go-To Girl" by Louise Bagshawe is a fun novel, a light read about a simple London girl named Anna Brown. Anna is not a classic beauty -- in fact, she's a little larger than the average fiction heroine. Her self-confidence is non-existent and those around her can't see all that she DOES have to offer. They just can't seem to get past her looks. This story follows Anna and her exploits in the UK film industry, as well as her desire for love and her crush on Britain's hottest film director, Mark Swann. Starting with the little things, Anna starts to make some changes in her life and starts to get a clearer view on the way her life COULD be, if she just starts believing in herself.

I can relate to this story because I'm not a classic beauty either! I'm guessing that most of us aren't. I was thrilled to find a story where the heroine wasn't perfect with flowing blonde hair and a perfect body. Anna was perfectly likable, just the way she is. Kind of like me...not perfect on the outside, but I sure try to make the insides pretty!

This book was very entertaining, and I enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to the next Louise Bagshawe novel!