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The Godfather Trilogy Blu Ray Review

Reviewing: Paramount The Godfather Trilogy  |  Rating:
By Emil Rastoder on
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The Godfather saga is considered the greatest pictures of all time in the history of movies. In the first film we get to follow the 'Corleone family' as one of the five families in New York, with Vito Corleone as the leader of the family, and how they have to deal with problems and conflicts. In the second part of the trilogy the movies is divided in two parts. One of them shows Michael Corleone which has taken over the family business because of his father's death and the other part shows us the young Vito Corleone and how he managed to build up his empire. The last part of the trilogy and the weakest part of all films according to many people we get to see the old Michael Corleone.

Now to the revolutionary blu-ray edition. This edition contains four discs with a total running time of over 800 minutes. The image and sound quality have been improved tremendeous. They have achieved an outstanding result with the footage and when I compare the blu-ray edition with the DVD edition I see a huge result! The movie looks like it was made in present day even though the first movie came out 37 years ago. I can't describe how detailed the movies actually are, but it's very detailed. The last film has the best quality because it was released 18 years after the first film but the whole trilogy looks amazing. The sound is something that's been improved a lot. The explosion scene in the middle of the movie sounds better than films released today. We must not forget all the extra material included in the blu-ray version as well. It's really something to look forward to. The difference between the DVD version and the blu-ray version is huge. The Godfather is a movie everyone should watch at least once in their life time and they should preferably watch the blu-ray edition.