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The Good Stuff That's In Yogurt

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bosoxy By bosoxy on
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All my life I have eaten yogurt as I like it, but haven eaten less than I used to over the last couple of years I wanted to ensure that I had enough pro-biotics in my diet.

I used to take the straight Acidophilus by Natures Way that I ordered online through my favorite vitamin store, however I was running low and took a peek on the shelves of Sam’s Club to see what they had. I spotted Accuflora on the shelf for under $7 for a big bottle! Upon looking at the bottle I noticed that Accuflora has a diversity of pro-biotics in tablet form that I did not think I could purchase at such a low price. The ingredients are Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus salivarius, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Streptococcus thermopiles and Bifidbacterium bifidum.

The combination of pro-biotics used in Accuflora means that my body would get far more benefits from straight Acidophilus. The dose of 2 tablets per day has one billion active cultures, which is comparable of how many active cultures were in the product that I was taking from Natures Way. The Accuflora are tablets, more of a caplet shape, that although not coated are not difficult to swallow at all. There is also no taste associated with swallowing the pill.

I generally take my pills separate. One in the morning and another one at night. I may not always take a pill at night but I do almost always take the morning dose.

I could physically feel the difference of the Accuflora versus the plain Acidophilus right away! While I do not want to get too personal in the details, I will say that I would highly recommend these to women to take as they help to counteract any changes in the good bacteria in their systems due to hormonal fluctuations.

Taking 2 tablets a day a bottle of Accuflora lasts me four full months. This breaks down to a cost of $1.66 per month. I find this to be an extremely reasonably priced product that can have a very positive effect on my health.

Ladies, if you can get your husbands to take these pills on a regular basis, Accuflora will help to reduce flatulence!

Accuflora is also safe to be taken by dogs. It does the same thing for pets as it does for humans, such as reduces flatulence, supports immune system function, helps to keep a good balance of the good bacteria in the system to help fight and prevent yeast problems. Please do consult your veterinarian for the best dose for your pooch.