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The Gopher

Reviewing: Ontel The Gopher Pick Up And Reaching Tool  |  Rating:
Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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If you have a job that involves repeatedly bending over you know how hard that can be on your back. If you're short or disabled you know how difficult it can be to reach things high up on a shelf. The Deluxe Gopher pickup and reaching tool

is very helpful in these situations. This handy little device can extend your reach by almost 3 feet.

The Gopher is a long rod with the handle on one end and suction cups on the ends to help it to hold on to the item and it has a trigger lock to keep the suction cups in place. It's 31 inches long when in use and it folds up to 16 inches. It's made of aluminum and plastic. The Gopher can lift up to 5 pounds.

The Gopher can reach up high or help you pick things up off the ground. It can help you get under furniture, clean up a yard, put up groceries, pick up broken glass and other numerous uses.

I would like to see this made sturdier so it can pick up heavier objects.

The Deluxe Gopher pick up and reaching tool has been a very helpful tool in the our household and outdoors.