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The Gravedancers Movie

Reviewing: I Don't Know It's A Film  |  Rating:
By hno abutorab on
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This film has a beautiful story . The story begins with a gathering of old friends. They had separated over the years till a mutual friend dies. They all get together for a wake. After a lot of drinking they end up at the cemetery.

A card is found on a gravestone with a poem, which turns out to be a curse. and then the dancing begins. Each dances on a different grave, and the dead persons past life and the way of their death determines the curse for the friends.

A little boy in this file like to play with fire, A woman who loved to play with an axe, especially since the loss of her lover, and a sadistic man. How were they to know they chose the wrong graves to dance upon?

Well you could hire ghost chasers. At first they are schemers but then, well then they believe. So the plot thickens when they have to do a lot of research to remove the curse. And i think it is really interactive.

I loved this movie, and I would recommend it highly. It's not your average horror movie. I finally found a great horror/ghost story. Its worth the watch.