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The Green Hornet

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After watching all the trailers playing on TV and all the advertisements around, I finally decided to watch The Green Hornet as I was skimming the library shelf. Truth is, it is an awesome, action-packed, fast and witty movie. The plot is original, the characters are rich, the setting is perfect, and the entire movie is terribly funny. The main characters are less refined and "perfect" as the heroes in comic books, but it all adds to the cheesiness and comedy softening the serious themes. Overall, this movie is a great crowd pleaser, but the majority of the crowd would be people older than 10 years old, since murders and profanity occur frequently throughout the movie.

The plot, as it is on the DVD says "Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) is a slacker by day, party animal by night…until he finds a serious career that’s seriously cool: crime-fighting action hero. As the Green Hornet, he teams up with gadget wiz and martial arts master Kato (Jay Chou) to take down L.A.'s underworld. Also starring Cameron Diaz and Christoph Waltz." There is more to it than just that, but even that alone would make a good evening better.

But if there is one thing this movie lacks, it is suspense. There is not enough drama to fuel the humor, though there are plenty of silly scenes. The conflicts seem too simple, and a little too cliche, considering it is supposed to be different than other "super-hero" movies. The villains also seem to be way less cool and way more clumsy than they were in the trailers, but that is somewhat acceptable since the heroes are not as smooth as they try to be most of the time. But hey, they get the job done, and they have their own style, so no complaints here. And there are other characteristics of a good movie, such as how real it feels, the quality of the film, the acting, and the other events going on.

The sound of the guns, the angle of the explosions, and the sincerest of the acting all comes together (and clicks) in The Green Hornet. Not to mention the other conflicts in the movie, and everything it depicts. There are the scenes of the bad guys vs. the secret good guys, and the innocent onlookers, and the clueless people, and the police that are flabbergasted and utterly confused with all the events. Most of all, it depicts a realistic overview of what the underground world of villains may be like. Perhaps the hidden or underlying moral of this story is: never listen to a corrupt, power-hungry politician who is desperate enough to try to kill you and pretend that a two-centimeter invertebrate insect lead to your demise. Yup, that sums it up pretty well. If you have already watched it, you would get it, but if you haven't watched it already, what are you waiting for? Go watch it!