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The Hammer Doesn't Hit The Nail On The Head...

Reviewing: Psyclone Essentials "The Hammer" Guitar Controller  |  Rating:
Nick VerVoort By Nick VerVoort on
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I wanted a RedOctane Guitar, but Amazon was sold out. Instead I settled for "The Hammer" by Psyclone essentials, and let me tell you, it's the last time I settle for anything less than what I want. The Hammer got high reviews on Amazon, saying things like "It's the greatest guitar controller ever, and I'll never use my other ones". Gimmie a break. Honestly, I'd bet that Psyclone got on and wrote those reviews themselves, because no customer will ever say that about this lackluster guitar. Let me overview the problems for you, in case you aren't already convinced.

The first problem is that the neck is about half sized. This isn't really a problem, as the fret buttons are still adequately spaced apart, but it does feel a little cramped. The second problem is that the Whammy Bar just takes a vacation whenever it feels like it. This is not appropriate behaviour for a Guitar Controller at all. The third problem is that the fret buttons give you a lot of resistance to pushing down on them, and they can't really be approached by your fingers from an angle, or they won't press in. These three problems make playing Guitar Hero games on the PS2 a pain in the neck (and in the fingers).

Now, the few good things about The Hammer. Firstly, it comes with two sticker-faceplates. They look okay, so that's a good thing I suppose. The wireless connection never stops working correctly, and the guitar is lightweight. And finally, it's ten dollars cheaper than a real guitar.

Honestly, if you don't want to pay ten extra dollars for a guitar controller to get a decent one, then your hands deserve the pain that The Hammer will bring to them. Don't buy this guitar.