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The History And Conquests Of Ancient Rome

Reviewing: Hermes House The History And Conquests Of Ancient Rome By Nigel Rodgers, Consultant: Dr. Hazel Dodge Fsa  |  Rating:
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Have you ever wanted, or needed (i.e. for school) to learn more about ancient Rome? Ever wondered about their conquests, or their empire/republic? Rodgers does an excellent job with this book!

It's a long book, with a cover that's not entirely soft cover, but not hardcover either. I really don't know what to call it, it's almost like laminated card stock.

The pictures they use to illustrate this work, are beautiful. There are many pieces of art, pictures of Roman ruins, busts, etc. And, there are many of them included in the book.

There are quite a few chapters in this book, which go over various periods in Romes' history, a great many wars waged and fought, and various subjects of interest involving the empire. The "chapters" are actually divided into two "parts"; "Rome: The World's First Superpower" (which mainly deals with their laws, government, and leaders) and "The Power of Rome" (which focuses on the military, wars, and fall of the empire).