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The History Of Pirates

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I love pirates! So when I went looking for pirate books from our local library for a school project, I was a little disappointed at what I brought home that day. I did get a lot of information for my school project, but as a pirate person, those books were not as informative as I would have liked them to be and they sure weren't any fun.

Then I found this book, The History of Pirates, by Angus Konstam. This book has 192 pages and best of all, there are lots of amazing colorful photos. There are pictures of maps, pirates, pirate costumes, weapons, and so much more. I really enjoyed the actual photos of authentic navigational equipment. This book covers a lot of ground and it is entertaining to read.

There is an index at the beginning, which I found very helpful. The pirates are divided into groups such as Barbary Pirates, the Buccaneers, the Spanish Main and the Sea Rovers, and more.

There is historical information which I found very interesting, including The Golden Age of Piracy, Pirates in the Far East, the Last Pirates, and more.

I really enjoy the Pirate Profiles. I found quite a bit of information on one of my favorite pirates, Bartholomew Roberts, who became known as Black Bart. I was able to see a map showing the waters that Black Bart terrorized. There were a couple drawings showing Bart and the cross he wore around his neck. I was able to read about Black Bart's adventures and travels and the how he finally met his demise.

This book would be a good choice for someone who would like to dress up as a pirate and needed ideas. A person going on a cruise might also enjoy this book. If you are a pirate lover or are looking for a gift for a pirate lover, The History of Pirates is a very good choice.