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The Host

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Her name is Melanie Stryder, and her body has been taken over by a host. Hosts are beautiful jelly like creatures, that have taken over the world. Usually, hosts go through the body's mememory, and erases them as they view them. She also erases's the human completly, so only the aline is left. Melanie refused to be erased, and she kept her memories hidden, so that the Alein wouldnot find the people she loved. Her brother and boyfriend. But when day, the alient, Wanderer, broke throgh Melanie's barier, and she saw her Memories of her and her Boyfriend, Jared. While viewing Melanie's memories of the one she loved, Wanderer started to fall in love with him as well.

They became one, and set out on a journey to find her brther, and the man they both loved. When she reached them, she they saw a look of Hate in Jareds eyes. He pucnhed her in the face when she tried to get near. He didn't belive that his Melanie was still there, he thought the host had taken over completly. He shoved her away, out of fear. She soon fell in the arms of Ian, leave Jared jelous, and time to reflect on his feeling for Melanie, or did he beigin to like Wanderer more?

I read this book in like 3 days. It's a fantistic trory of romance, and Science fiction at the same time. Read it, you will love it.There is soo much more in this book, but too long to explain.