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The Host Written By Stephenie Meyer

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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From the author of the Twilight series this book is just as intriging and mind blowing as the Twilight series is. It holds your attention and is a very addictive story. The characters suck you in and you learn to love them and want to learn more about them. Stephenie Meyer has a wonderful way of writing that brings her characters to life and gives them souls that make you want to read about them and learn about them.

This story is about earth as it is being taken over by an alien parasite species. Then alien parasites travel from world to world and live inside the life form that inhabits that planets... This time it's earth and the humans are the hosts. The main character of this story is a young woman who finds herself being the host to one of these parasite aliens. The human dosen't fade away though. She remains and leadsthe parasite alien on a wild search through the desert for the man the human loves. When found by a clan of humans who have escaped the aliens thus far she becomes their friend and helps them get the things and info the need.

This stor not only gives you a very entertaining sci fi novel but it also opens our eyes to the human race a bit. How we feel and react to differences in people and situations. Sometimes it does take an outsiders view to show us how petty and violent we really can be. Even if that outsiders view is a fictional alien parasite.

This is defentaly a book I would recommend to anyone. Even if you didn't enjoy the Twilight series. This novel holds it's own.

The hard cover is 619 pages long. (don't worry, they go fast cause you won't be able to put it down)