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The Hotel From Hell !

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Two and a half years ago went to Blackpool through an Ulsterbus Coach Tour, the price included travel expenses and accomodation, we were assured by the travel agent that the hotel was suitable for families and that it was close to all the local amenities.

Finally our traveling was over, after seven hours we arrived at our hotel at around 7.45pm, from the outside the hotel looked nice, upon entering the Elgin we were met with peach flowery wallpaper, although not my cup of tea it looked bright and cheerful, my first impression of the hotel was that it was quite old fashioned but it looked clean and respectable, anyway we had to collect our room key, leave our luggage upstairs and head to the dinning room for our dinner.

So we made our way upstairs, this is were the decor got a lot worse, the walls were just painted a peach color, I suppose to match in with the downstairs decor, which it did, however there were marks on the wall and no longer did it seem clean and respectable.

Our room....A family room suitable for five people

Oh boy.... Again we were met with the peach colored walls, peach bed covers with flowers on, another thing that I couldn't help but notice was that there was no pictures on the walls. We had one wardrobe, one chest of drawers and one locker, there were tea/coffee making facilities and a TV, just off the bedroom was the bathroom.

Then we had the beds....... in the middle of the room we had a double bed at each side was a single bed, then a matress on the floor, there was absolutely no space between the beds they were all side by side, above the double bed there were matching wall lights which looked nice, they didn't work! although it was no great surprise. We had very limited space to walk about, limited space for our clothes and my son had to lie on a matress on the floor, not looking to good so far.

The dinning room

We decided to make the most of what we had, so now it was time for dinner, off we went down stairs, the dinning room actually looked exactly the same as the reception, anyway the dinner was quick, the waiting staff were fantastic and the food was lovely! each table had a designated waiter/waitress which I thought was a good idea.

Throughout the week our waiter started to give the kids an extra bowl of ice cream, we never asked for it but he insisted, but about halfway through our holiday the waiter informed us that he had been told off for this and he was unable to serve us from now on. How miserable?

The smokers room - this was before the smoking bann

The smokers room was next door to the dinning room, it was quite a small room but there was a lovely view of the sea, in here you could also watch TV, being a smoker this was the first place I went to after dinner, I quickly realised that this was no family hotel, it was a hotel more suited to the older holiday makers, most of the people were among the friendliest people we have ever met.

Everytime the kids were watching TV they were told to be quiet, or people made faces cause they were talking, (there were only two people who did this), so we decided to see what the hotel bar was like...... BINGO was the only entertainment on all week, so we were frowned upon again for making noise.


We were half board so usually we bought food at lunch time, we bought sandwiches from the hotel bar, when we got the bill my jaw hit the floor in amazement, the bill was £18! yes they were nice but not that nice. Needless to say we didn't buy from the hotel after that.


The waiters/waitresses were excellent, helpful, polite and friendly however the rest of the staff were less pleasent and were very rarely seen around the hotel.

Where is the Elgin situated?

We ventured out for a walk and discovered just how far away from the local amenities we actually were, Although the Elgin hotel is situated along the promenade, it is some distance away from the north pier, to give some idea of the distance itt took us a half an hour to walk from the hotel to the north pier, so much for being close to everything.


Trying to complain to the manager, this was just ridiculous, he was no where to be found most of the time, we did finally catch up with him on our last day, he was uninterested in what we had to say. He told us to put it in writing! what good was that going to do? anyway we got no where and we did put our complaints in writing and although we got a reply, we didn't get as much as an apology.

Stay away from this hotel!!

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