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The I Ching: Plain Simple

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Cyn Bagley By Cyn Bagley on
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I was introduced to the I Ching when I was about 22 years old in South Africa. I knew nothing about this oracle because my parents were extremely religious and were against anything that could be considered non-Christian. When I first say my friend throw the coins, it was so interesting that when she gave the coins to throw, I used to throw them for hours and hours. And no, I wasn't interested in what they said.

In fact she would have me throw the coins for other folks because I was very neutral and I could throw the coins without putting in my own interpretation. However, several years later, I became curious about the I Ching in a different way. I started searching for books that would explain the oracle (in English). Unfortunately, most of the I Ching translations I bought were perfectly translated in such a way that a modern girl had no idea what they were saying. For instance, a couplet that says "A flying dragon in the heavens. It is advantageous to see the Great Person" was confusing.

This book of I Ching is much different. It not only translates the couplets, but then translates them into modern understanding. For instance the above couplet would mean: "Spread your wings. Your creative energy has been recognized. See people who can influence you, " and so forth. See the difference?

So I like this book. And it is understandable to my humble intelligence.