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The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus

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When The Dark Knight first came out in theaters and they claimed it to be Heath Ledgers last film I was thinking they were never going to release The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. For those who do not know...Heath Ledger was in the middle of making this film when he passed away. I thought since the film was not finished they would just cancel it seeing as one of the main actors had passed. To my surprise I read where 3 actors had signed on to take Heath Ledgers place in the film. There was still hope yet for this film. It was released straight to DVD on April 4th I do believe it was.

Doctor Parnassus is an old man who is immortal. He made a deal with the devil that if the devil made him young for just a few years so he could win over a beautiful woman he would promise all his children to the Devil when they turned 16 years old. Doctor Parnassus only has one child, a daughter, who is about to turn 16 years old. Dr. Parnassus and his daughter have a side show along with two other characters that help them. They are pulling out of one town when they find a mysterious man hanging from below a bridge and they save him. He's not the best of people to have hanging around with you as they find out. In order for Doctor Parnassus to keep the Devil from taking his daughter he must find 5 people to send through his "magic" mirror and they belong to the Devil then. Five for one. Tony, the man they rescued from under the bridge who is played by Heath Ledger and others (Johnny Depp being one) tries to come up with ideas on how to get people to come to this dieing sideshow. He revamps the show making it more modern and changes the crowd type that they attract. After 4 people have been giving something goes terribly wrong and the daughter finds out about the deal her father made with the devil. She's angry to say the least and Tony tries to take her away from it by taking her with him through the mirror and into Doctor Parnassus' imagination world. Things change again and Tony is reviled as to his true intents and his true background. You can say this film ends on a happy note for some characters and a not so happy note for others.

This film was directed by Terry Gilliam and is 123 minutes in length. It is very artistic and magical and a keeper for any Heath Ledger fan seeing as this film is technically his last artist endeavor.