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The Innocent, By Harlan Coben

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Harlan Coben is an excellent mystery, suspense, thriller author. His books reel you in hook, line and sinker! He reminds me of James Patterson and Dean Koontz so if you enjoy their books I would definitely read his.

Story: Matt Hunter is a man who served nine years in prison and is finally released. His wife Olivia is pregnant and he is wanting to move on with his life. With one call from Olivia's cell phone all of Matt's dreams shatter for the second time in his life!

Characters: All the characters are well developed and thought out. They are all unique but tie together nicely for the story.

My Opinion: All of his books are excellent. You get to learn about each character's point of view. The stories always have some weird plot twist. The quote that I think describes his writing style the best is by The South Florida- Sun Sentinel- "Coben does for thrillers what Hitchcock did for the movies."

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