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The International Bestselling Book The Alchemist

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Intro: Have you ever felt like there is something big out there for you? Something you're missing out on? I know at some points of my life I've had the feeling there has to be something more to my life. Well this deep, truthful, and simple book will help you learn more about these feelings and your purpose on Earth. Anyone can enjoy this book, it's not cheesy, but it is meaningful. I highly recommend this fun and well-written book for people of all kinds.

Author Profile: Author Paulo Coelho was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He had an interesting life as a young adult. His parents sent him to a mental institution because they thought his desire to become an author (among other things) was strange. He traveled as a hippie and later became a songwriter. I have left things out, but my point is he had an interesting youth. Perhaps this contributed to his great writing career. Although Paulo published books before The Alchemist, this book arguably launched his career.

Summary: I'll try my best not to ruin things for you with this summary. In The Alchemist Santiago, a young shepherd, is confronted by a king and convinced to follow his heart to his treasure. This is called following his Personal Legend. Through a series of events he meets many people, each leaving a lasting mark on him. He also learns the Language of the World (how all things communicate through action). If you compare his journey to our modern world you will find it can ring true in real life and in this time.

Review: The Alchemist could be called educational in a deep way as well as being a fun read. I should note that this book is read all over, making it an international bestseller. Rightly so, I would say. Because of the plot that seems to suck you into the book you will have trouble putting this book down (I did). Compared to most fiction these days The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is pretty realistic. It is also very inspirational which I think should add to its value greatly.

Conclusion: The knowledge you acqurire from reading The Alchemist can fill a hole in your heart, answering the question of how the world works and why we are here. With all of that, it still manages to be down to earth at the same time. An amazing feat! Which is exactly what I think this book is: amazing, captivating, and deep. I recommend this to everyone. It really has no specific genre and I believe almost anyone would enjoy this book. It makes me wish the book was longer than it is.