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The I Phone 4 Is So Sexy

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Whats up party people. So I just got the Iphone 4 a couple of weeks ago and it is absolutely amazing.

Now the IPhone 4 is the latest IPhone from Apple and it is by far the Greatest Phone in the world in my eyes.


The IPhone 4 has a Retina Display which means that the picture and video quality on the Phone is absolutely amazing. The Retina display’s pixel density is so high, your eye is unable to distinguish each pixel making the IPhone 4 the only phone that shows the greatest quality.

Games on the IPhone 4 are remarkable. Since the App Store app is downloadable on your phone that means you can download games on the go. So when your bored on the bus or on a plane or anywhere just whip out your phone and start playing your games. Since the IPod Touch is famous for is accelaromotor Apple has put it in the IPhone 4. This making you able to play games in landscape like Need For Speed and Infinity Blade. The Retina Display also allows you to play games with the best quality that no other phone can give.

Gyroscope is the newest feature Apple has given to us. It allows the user to move with the IPhone. For example if you open up the compass app and you turn the IPhone or yourself the compass will move around with you and it is an amazing feature.

Now my favorite feature on the iPhone 4 has to be the HD Camera. With the IPhone's Camera shooting at 720p Video it makes it the greatest Camera Phone on the market. Plus with the app created because of the IPhone the IMovie App. With it you can edit and produce your own videos on the Iphone that you just shot. The Camera is also a 5mp Camera that results in beautiful pictures and with the Retina Display shows great detail in the images that you wouldn't have seen with the older IPhones.

Now what everyones waiting for Face-Time. Face-Time is a new feature that is only on the iPhone 4 and iPad through WiFi connection. This allows you and another to have a video chat with anyone else in the world who has a iPhone. I used this feature with my cousin in Texas and the quality was excellent.

The Battery Life on the iPhone is wonderful. Since Apple has built in a bigger battery it lasts longer. The last time I have charged my battery was 3 days ago and my battery is on 33%. The iPhone battery has 300 hours of standby time, talk time of 7 hours of 3G and 14 hours on 2G, internet us of 6 hours on 3G and 12 hours on 2G, Video playback of 10 hours, and 40 hours of Audio playback. Making the battery life on the iPhone above all else.

Appearance and Style

The phone has a newer appearance then the previous IPhone. It has curved sides still keeping its look rectangular. Has the width size of 2.31 inches (58.6 mm) and a height of 4.5 inches (115.2 mm) making the phone small but very powerful and sleek. The phone is coated with a oleophobic coating on front and back which is stated by apple is stronger than plastic and is finger print resistant but through out my use of the phone it is still attracted to fingerprints. The phone also has ring of aluminum on the exterior of the phone that gives a very elegant and slick look. This aluminum ring is also the antenna for the phone. On the bottom of the phone there is the iPhone slot for connecting with your computer or for charging and two speakers so you can play your music. At the top of the phone to your left there is an average 9mm jack for plugging in your headphones and on the right you have your sleep/wake button. On the front of your phone you have your home button that allows you to go to your home screen as well as when holding allows you to activated voice control. I found voice control very useful and correct to commands. Also you have your Face-Time camera.


Items I believe you should buy along with your iPhone.

A case that cover the back of your phone but still shows the back. For example a case by Griffin. You want to show of the back of the phone because it is so slick and sexy

Maximum coverage invisible skin by Zagg. This Invisible Skin makes your entire phone safe from scratches and fingerprints. So you can stop searching for scratches every time it drops.

Monster Beats by Dre. You would want to get these headphones because the allow the greatest sound quality for audio/ video and talk time. (Review To Come)

Hope this review was helpful and more reviews to come about everyday things


Peace Party People