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The I Pod For The Rest Of Us

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The Second Generation iPod shuffle should be on anyone's list of potential MP3 players, so what makes a music player with no screen so special?. Well to start it's the price, you can get these little suckers refurbished from Walgreens for $69 bucks, or purchase them direct from apple for $79. I purchased one from the official Apple store in my area and I was initially skeptical, I figured it was just a toned down version of the real iPod, boy was I wrong. When I first saw the tiny little clear case I was shocked, the apple iPod shuffle is only about 1% of the size of the case it comes in. Online this shuffle looks huge but in reality it's not bigger then a packet of sugar. The iPod shuffle comes in a variety of colors, I got the plain Jane silver variation. I really wanted the blue model but they were sold out, which is sad because I think the blue model is the best one. But color aside the iPod comes with a small USB Charging dock, a pair of apple ear buds, and a few booklets to help you understand the light patterns and your warranty information.

When you first plug your iPod shuffle into a computer you will need to install iTunes or you cannot put music files onto this unless you have a MP3 to AAC converted on your computer. The iPod shuffle unfortunately doesn't come with an iTunes disk so you will have to rely on apple.com, luckily iTunes is free to download. After the initial download if all goes smooth you will need to name your iPod, I named mine "Converse Man". Loading music onto your iPod shuffle can take a few minutes depending on the amount of music you want to transfer, remember that you cannot use this one different computers or it erases itself. You can also set your iPod shuffle to be a USB data drive, which is kind of pointless because you can pick a decent 1GB USB flash drive up for twenty bucks. The iPod shuffle doesn't have an equalizer like the bigger models so sound quality is up to your ear buds or head phones, the ear buds this model comes with aren't worth the time it took to manufacture them. The sound quality is very basic and you really have to increase the volume if you want to actually hear your song, and I'm talking about real music not the rap stuff, that sounds just fine on these ear buds.

The Clip function of the iPod is useful for GYM runs when you don't want to carry a huge video iPod, and lets face it, the big iPod is fragile and scratches very easy. The iPod shuffle is very durable and made of metal so you can drop it and it still looks great. I've actually dropped mine a few times and it managed to look decent and still works like a charm. And the battery life on this model is excellent, as I write this I last charged the iPod three days ago and it's still running strong, and that's with constant usage. The dock is so small you can fit it anywhere on your desk, I have a huge desk so I love how small it is. I do miss the portability of the first shuffle, where you could just plug it straight into your computer. I also wish apple could include the necessary disks to get this thing up and running so you didn't have to search around online.

The iPod shuffle also has a lack of accessories for this model, except for the arm band. The iStudio and iSpeakers are only for video iPods or the Nano, which leaves this model in the dust where the accessories are concerned. With those few cons this is still a great MP3 player for the price, you get the Apple name with is unanimous with quality, and you get a price that most of us can afford. This is definitely not something that you will regret purchasing in the future, just make sure you get upgraded head phones so you can enjoy the full quality this has to offer.

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