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The I Pod Touch Does So Much....More

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saeed alipoor By saeed alipoor on
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The iPod Touch is truly a modern marvel of a machine it opens up the possibilities of slim-line mobile device and their potential.

Although a dissapointing battery life and few factory applications a litlle work can open it up to work exceedingly past the manufacturers specifications.

I Ordered Two iPods from Amazon. They have some of the lowest prices and delivered the next day, I cannot fault them.

When I recieved my iPod I instantly "Jailbroke" it (More on that later) which opened it up for everything I could want to do with it. I have been using it for around two months now and the number of compliments I have recieved because of its super ice cool looks.

Its Looks alone convince people to buy it.

BUY IT You'll never look back!!


- The Box is as big as the iPod itself and very high quality. These boxes are smaller to make them more ecologically friendly and although there is very little documentation you dont really need it.

Inside the box there is

1. The Ipod

2. Quick Start Guides

3. USB wire

4. Apple standard Headphones

5. Small plastic stand

6. Dock Adaptor

Thats it: BE WARNED there is NO AC adaptor to plug into a wall socket.


- Setup is easy, you plug your iPod into your computer and start iTunes (If not present you must download it) you then tranfer you music, videos and photos through that.

BE WARNED: If you dont have a music library in iTunes it can take some time to get right with all the Album art etc.

- It will then sync to your iPod at around one song per second and when completed you will have your library on your ipod which is pretty cool.


- The apps that come with the touch are good. No doubt about it... BUT

in order to use your ipod to its potential I strongly reccommed you JailBreak your iPod. Jailbreak is a term to describe opening your ipod up to 3rd party applications.

NOTE: you cannot break you ipod by jailbreaking it!

- The apps that come on the touch are very intuitive and are very well thought out. Everything fits together like a jigsaw with familiar interfaces throughout.


- To Jailbreak you ipod I reccommend you watch "ipodtouchmaster"'s youtube videos where he explains it step by step.Below are some brilliant Jailbreak Apps.

- Gameboy Advance Emulator: Play all your favourite gameboy games pretty much all are full speed with only some not working. It is constantly being updated and will soon be perfect.

- Playstation 1 Emulator : Thats right PS1 on an iPod. Although many many games dont work and only some are full speed it is also being updated and will soon be like the GBA emulator .

- SMB prefs: Allows you to customize your ipod with downloadable themes.