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The I Pod Touch.....Is It Worth It?

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From computers to MP3 players, from phones to the world's first touch screen pad, it seems as if Apple, has planted its flag on top of every summit of every electronic industry. What Apple is really famous for, is the infamous iPod line-up. Unveiled in 2001, Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Inc. introduced the iPod that would be lead the monopoly of MP3 players. In 2007, the iPod touch was later introduced. It has the capability to play games, listen music, watch movies, and other entertainment purposes, all on the world's first touch screen MP3 player. Of course, everything in this universe, whether it is man made, or the works of mother nature, has a flaw or glitch. But, will the benefits compensate? Is it really worth it?

Is it really worth it? On every September 9th, Apple would unveil it's new update on it's biggest prize, the iPod family. The family includes, the Classic, Nano, Shuffle, and it's most anticipated release, the Touch. The Touch was a humungous addition to the family. Of course, despite the enormous excitement and curiosity it's brewing, like every electronic appliance, the iPod has it's moments....... Obviously, it is a no brainer that the Touch's main mission is entertainment. Like, everyone expects, the music and the sound is top "Apple" quality. But then, one major problem is it's setting. Most people, like me, would blare up the sound so loud, you could hear heaven. Some security softwares, and operating systems, like Microsoft and Mac OSX, have filtering systems preventing any huffy-duffy on the internet, and other limits. But the system that Apple built in to the iPod, like the iOS4 does not have these limits. That is one note for parents. But, if you are a teenager, sorry for that frown on your face. The multi-media capabilities of the Touch is phenomenal. The video and movie qualities are beyond my expectations. The video has amazing sound with the lack of lags from the built-in sound feature. Apple further enhanced the visual experience by building in the Retina-Eye Screen. It has 4 times the pixels on the screen making the illusion of a real interactive surface. Youtube, on the other hand, still has the same expected quality. Although the sound is exceptional, the video is still a bit laggy. According to stats, some users says it is perfectly fine and decent, while others say that they could bear it if there is reassurance that future improvements will be made. Overall, in my opinion, I could bear it and the quality is not that bad. The new HD camera in the 4th generation greatly compensates. Apple added the new feature which includes a new HD camera (as everyone expects). The camera records HD Premium videos (obviously) and allows you to upload it on to Youtube instantly. This is a phenomenal feature for regular users and partnerships. The interaction on the touch surface is very beyond of what I expected (as usual). It actually feels like as if you are literally touch it. The multi-touch surface is key to fun apps and internet surfers. So if you really want interactive appliances, the Touch is the perfect match for you. One trivial problemo is the loading time. Notice for iPod Touch users that once you quit an application, you find it that you have to wait about a second to get out of the page. Well, for you want-more-than-you-have peoples, the problem still exist. I don't think this is a very big problem, but Apple will eventually improve memory capacity, so speed will be faster.

Overall, the Touch has alot of great advantages. The pros of this device overrides the cons. In my opinion, the Apple is for you if you like very mobile and useful devices. It is must-have product. As Engadget's Editor-In-Chief, Joshua Topolsky says, "The touch has just gone from “nice to have” to nearly irresistible" and "There’s just no other portable media player that can do what the iPod touch can do.” If you want to have a useful and playful device in your pocket, the $299 is worth it.