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The Island

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By shulockabaulugy on
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The Island is a highly entertaining movie that's heavy on the action and science fiction elements and light on the melodramatic trash scenes that sometimes clutter Michael Bay's movies. It also has one of the best action sequences ever filmed. It's funny at times as well. Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson are good in their lead roles and they also have great chemistry. The supporting cast is pretty good to, with Steve Buscemi and Michael Clarke Duncan turning in good, little performances. There are a couple of weak romantic moments in the film and a couple of scenes of bad melodrama, but they don't last to long. After the setup for the story in the beginning the movie goes on an almost nonstop action romp, and for action fans there is some truly excellent stuff here. The science fiction elements are nothing original but they are executed nicely, and there are some excellent special effects to. There are some great futuristic settings as well. The Island is a big movie that hits the mark way more often than it misses and it's definitely worth seeing.