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The Jungle Book

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I love the fact that this movie has recently been released from Disney's "movie vault." It is a movie that I remember watching as a child, and now I get to share that with my 4 year old son as well.

As with all the "updated" Disney movies, the colors have been brightened up a bit, which I really liked, because the original Jungle Book has rather dark colors. The vibrancy gives children something more to look at, and I think it helps keep their attention.

I have to say that while my son liked this movie, I think he would definitely prefer to watch some of the more recent movies made by Disney- you can definitely see how far the animation has come when you compare the two movies. The Jungle looks much more one-dimensional compared to some of the computer-generated movies out now. I must admit, while watching this movie, that I thought a few of the scenes looked a bit "cheesy", and I did notice that there were a few times that the dialogue didn't look quite in sync with the movement of the characters, but I don't think it took away from the story all that much.

The bottom line it, the story behind the Jungle Book is a good one, and the characters are developed well, and they are all very lovable in their own ways (well, maybe all except Shere Khan.) My son did sit through the entire movie, which says a lot for an active 4 year old, so I would recommend this for any family movie night!