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yangbang By yangbang on
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I first bought the Logitech MX Revolution mouse about five months ago and to this day I have no regrets whatsoever. When I was searching for a mouse I wanted one that met these conditions:

Size - I travel a lot whether it be from home to school to work or on business or pleasure trips. Therefore I needed a mouse that was fairly portable. Also, it needed to be cordless because I hate dealing with tangled cords. The Logitech MX revolution is a perfect example of a portable mouse because it is so light (yet sturdy), cordless, and fits perfectly in the side pocket of my bag.

Comfort - I have big hands. From previous experience, I do not go well at all with those tiny mini mouses that i can wrap two fingers around. The Logitech MX revolution is much bigger and filling than other “portable” mouses (meese?) and the natural feel to this mouse is quite amazing.

Functionality - This mouse comes loaded with features. It has seven different buttons that can be programmed to do just about anything. There are two right near the thumb area for very easy and quick pressing (These can be programmed to do anything such as open a new browser, close window, etc.). Also there is a zoom in and out button that will allow the user to change the zoom on whatever he/she is working on. A third programable button sits at the top. The mouse wheel is really neat. There is an option on the bottom of the mouse that sets the mouse wheel speed. So if you’re reading a long webpage or document, just change the “micro gear” on the bottom of the mouse to have the wheel roll much more freely.

Style - The Logitech MX revolution is as stylish as can be. The little USB receiver that connects the mouse to the computer actually slides into the bottom of the mouse. When the receiver is taken out, the mouse automatically turns on. The sides have a nice rubbery feel to it and the Logitech logo on the top proves that it a quality mouse. The buttons and top are chrome finished and the sides are glossy black.

I really can’t say anything negative about this mouse. I use the computer at least 6-8 hours a day and I only change the AA battery about once a month. The only unfortunate thing is that this mouse is for right handed people only. My girlfriend is left handed she cannot use this mouse because the form is for right handers.