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The Land Before Time

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By ladychai on
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I was only 8 years old when this movie came to life yet up until now, this movie never failed to educate the children around the world about values, emotions, friendship and the history of our time.

Who would imagine that dinosaur history will be given life and importance through this movie? I would hand it to George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Don Bluth, they did a wonderful job here.

The first release talks about the importance of family, friends and perseverance. The second release talks about acceptance while the third release talks about sharing. I haven't completed all the 12 movies yet as they have proven hard to find as time goes by, this afterall has been around for more than ten years already. I do know that the other releases also contains very important values children needs to learn as they grow up.

My daughter loves watching the land before time, so does her cousin. Oftentimes her cousin will just get the CD so he can watch it over and over again in his home which is separated from ours by just a mere five inch canal and a 2 foot pathway.

I am hoping to complete all the twelve movies, I opted on buying the CD version rather than the DVD version though because it is cheaper and the DVD player plays CD anyways. My daughter will still get the same values in the CD as the values she will get from the DVD.

Of all the characters, I love Ducky the most, she is very cute, very helpful and cheerful too. Her optimism helped her friends overcome a lot of difficulties.

This movie actually has its own website The land before time