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The Langoliers

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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The Langoliers is the first Novella in a series of 4 written by Stephen King called Four Past Midnight. The Langoliers is One Past Midnight.

In the novella a group of individuals find themselves on an air flight from hell. A handfull of them fall asleep and when they wake up they find that hundreds of their fellow passengers have vanished. Not just vanished but vanished and left behind odd objects. Such as pins from a knee surgery, parts from a pace maker, a wig, ect... One the sleepy characters just happens to be pilot and is able to fly and land the plane at a very deserted airport. Nothing in theis airport seems right and the survivors start to panic. When people panic others get hurt even killed. Not to mention the strange noise from the west the seems to continually get closer and closer and a young blind girl who continually states that they need to leave or die. The Langoliers are coming...

Stephen King is one of my favorite suspence authors. The Langoliers keeps you on the edge of your upright positioned airplane seat. You never know what is going to happen in one of his stories and this novella holds true to that. One thing I love about this story is the "What if" factor. What if you were on a flight across the country and you dosed off for a small amount of time and when you woke up...you were the only one left on the plane...What if?