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The Last House On The Left 2009

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This is a remake that wasn't as widely anticipated as other Horror movie remakes at this time (i.e. Friday the 13th) and taking into consideration how much of a masterpiece the original Last House on the left was, I was pretty skeptical. I alongside a few of my friends waited for this film like it was the second coming of Jesus and the funny thing about it was that we thought it was going to suck, big time. I ended up being the only one of us that went to see it and I took my girlfriend along with me.


As the film started there was a cheesy joke made by a police office transporting Krug (Leader of the four felons), I had placed full negative judgment onto the film based on this and I was too pleasantly surprised. This remake turned out to be the best remake of any horror movie and this isn't an overstatemen. Negating the fact that the scenarios we slightly modified and the revenge sequences were changed, it was amazing. These changes actually made the remake better than the original and because Wes Craven (creator of the original) was a producer on the remake, this statement is actually possible possible to make., as a Horror fan really stick to roots and I'm very judgmental of any new remake or new installment. Believe me when I say this, it's amazing.