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The Late Night Rocky Horror Picture Show!

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Arplix Franklin By Arplix Franklin on
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Well first off me and TRHPS go WAY back since I was born basically. My uncle taped it off a vhs tape they rented and gave it to my parents. By the age of about 5 or 6 I knew every word and song to it and I watched it daily. I still enjoy it to that extreme today. I have 3 vhs tapes (had to replace them from being worn down) and 2 dvds. There are differences in them that I'm sure not everyone notices on the dvds the sound is much different the background music is boosted up during many songs and it makes the voices a bit hard to hear, also Rockys voice is changed in the floor show and their are many redone pieces that are just different. Sometimes I'm ok with it and other times I'm not I guess I just got used to the original it's taken me time to adjust. I can say the video on the dvds are amazing considering that I can see the detail unlike on my tapes and it is very crisp and clear. No matter which one I decide to watch it never gets old. There is something about "doing the time warp again" that just never dies. This is one of the rare movies that is a timeless classic and even after 33 years people are still enjoying it. It still captivates the audiences in the theater and on stage. People still enjoy screaming at Brad Majors "Ass hole!" and Janet Weiss "Slutt!" I don't see it stopping anytime soon. I make it a point to open up all my new friends to this movie and I haven't met one person yet that hasn't said "Can you make me a copy of that?"