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The Legend Of Spyro: A New Beginning For Ps2

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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This is the first of the Spyro games that I have played. There were a few Spyro games out efore this one was released but this is the only one I've played so far. I bought it cause I had always heard about Spyro and just wanted to check him out for myself. Plus it was for a pretty good price.

Spyro is a little baby dragon. He's suppose to be a special dragon because only once every 10 decades is a purple dragon born and that is what Spyro is, a little purple dragon. The story of this game is Spyro trying to learn where is came from as he has been raised by a family of dragonflies. One dragonfly, Sparks, that was born the same day Spyro hatched is like a brother to Spyro and follows him on his adventure. In the game Spyro meets one of the four Gaurdian dragons. Spyro learns that a black dragon called Cynder wanted to destroy the other dragons and the guardian dragon saved Spyros egg from being destroyed when Cynders forces attacked the temple. The guardian dragon takes Spyro ack to the Temple and starts training him to fight like a true dragon. Spyro then has to travel to different lands and rescue the other 3 guardians so that they may train Spyro in different elements of battle before he takes on Cynder.

Most of the game play consists of Spyro beating up these Monkey type creatures that are Cynders forces. There is usually a boss fight before Spyro can rescue the next guardian dragon but the bosses are faily easy to beat and once beaten then Spyro returns to the temple with the newly rescued guardian to learn more training. At the end of the game, of course, you face Cynder and after the battle is won by Spyro you learn a little surprise about Cynder.

You can collect jewles throughout game play and use them to upgrade Spyros breaths. He can breath fire, lightening, ice and Earth. Each help Spyro in different situations.

Over all it's a fairly easy game but still fun in nature. I've beaten it a couple times and just started my third game on it a couple days ago.

Another reason I bought this game is because of the voice actors. Elijah Wood does the voice for Spyro, David Spade does the voice for Sparks, and Gary Oldman does the voice for the fire guardian Dragon. David Spades character has some very flashy comments and makes the game very entertaining.