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The Lg Envy And It's Comparison To Other Phones

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rockergirl By rockergirl on
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I purchased the LG Envy from my local Target in the hopes that I would finally get a phone to fit my needs. I also wanted to spend as little as possible without getting a phone that I would find in the toy aisle. Upon my browsing I came across this pretty object and read the features it had to offer me. I was driven by it's little keyboard for texting and being a women I thought, "how cute!" I bought the phone and took it home to see what it could do.

The instruction manual was a little lenghty and I hate to read these things, so I tried to learn the phone from playing with the features. Setting up contacts and texing was a breeze. The keyboard was easy to navigate because it's set up just like the computer. A little mailbox displays to let you know you are sending a message and checks a box when it's been sucessfully sent. The con of the texting feature I've found is that you can only send non Verizon customers texts up to 160 characters at one time. If they do have Verizon it will let you text pages to the other person and receive them the same way.

I also added the navigation system to the phone. I must say, this was a great idea. The con though, you have to hold the phone while you drive to see where it's taking you. In it's defense it has up to date traffic information and the ablilty to find a new route if you don't want to go the way it initially takes you. This feature is an extra 9.99 a month, but I found it to be worth it.

Battery life and durability are excellent. I can go around four days without needing to charge it back to full life. The navigation takes up more life for some reason, so a car charger is a good idea for a long trip. I am prone to breaking cell phones and most of them have come completely apart with one drop to the ground. Not the Envy. In a small fit of rage I threw the phone at the wall and it bounced right back to me without coming apart or having any defects what so ever. I was impressed.

The reception is good compared to other phones I've had and I have only lost a call or two in the past year and a half of owning it. The camera isn't the best I've had, the pictures come out fuzzy and you need to be really close to a subject to get a good shot. The thing I like it using the pictures as two different wallpaper options. The front of the phone and the inside or main screen. The phone is a bit bulky and to use the speaker feature it needs to be opened to it's full size, which resembles a small laptop computer.

All in all I have to say this is a great phone and if you're looking to purchase something from LG that's not too pricy, I'd go for this. It's nice to look at and completely reliable.