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The Little Mermaid By Scholastic Books

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You have probably seen the movie Disney's The Little Mermaid, but have you ever thought of reading the book with your child? Scholastic has teamed up with Disney, producing books for each Disney story. I recently read through The Little Mermaid with my six-year-old daughter, who loves both, the book and the movie. What did I think of the book as a parent? I thought that it stuck with the movie pretty well, it was entertaining, the theme of finding yourself was evident throughout the book, and it did help my daughter learn a few new words.

Many novels that are turned into books don't get a lot of the details correct. In this case, the book was produced long after the movie, so the book actually shortened some of the movie. It still had a thorough insight, which was important to my daughter and me.

My daughter was entertained by the book, looking at all the colorful pictures, sounding different voices for each character and being genuinely excited about the next page. I thought it was cute, with a lot of pictures to accompany the story. I liked hearing the different voices, it felt like I was more in tune with the movie, also.

The theme of finding yourself was very important. We all know some child that is a bit different-as Ariel was. When I was a child, I would imagine my Barbie dolls as friends, playing parts in whatever creation I had made. That is how I found myself, through creative play. Each of us has an experience that will define who we are. Ariel's was to become human. And when she did find out what she wanted, her happiness radiated throughout the sea.

Last was the educational value of the book. While not the most educational book I would find for my daughter, The Little Mermaid did teach her new words. She was able to sound the words out and add them to her vocabulary after seeing the sentence they were used in. From this my daughter has created zinger sentences that has enhanced her english skills.

Most imporantly, reading this book together created a bond between me and my daughter. We can discuss what things we liked about the book and what we would change. We have both learned something from the book, also. Scholastic and Disney teaming together has made a winning team.