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The Logitech G7 Cordless Mouse Review

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Hello there, i will be reviewing the Logitech G7 Cordless mouse. As for this cordless mouse, it is really benificial for gamers and designers to get a hold of these mouse because it gives them the ability to move freely with the mouse anywhere and able to customize their own button shortcuts for thier own use. The mouse also comes with a tons of useful items such as 2 battery packs, and an charger attached with wirless connection to the cordless mouse. The mouse also comes with 2000 dpi laser engine for blinding speed and precision response.

Advantages: Ease of use as for shortcut controls, Excellect for gaming and designing with comfort gripping, 2 battery packs (If one runs out, then you can replace it with the other.), Battery Charger (Charges the drain battery while, using your other.) And Cool Design

Disavantages: Constent switching of drained battery packs (Depends how well you take care of it), Overtime as for gaming purpose, which happened to me. Is that left click starts to act weird after the constent leftclicking(FPS), that why their is a 3 year warranty to get it repaired And Lastly As for long term use, make sure you don't get mad becuase u got owned and bombard it to the wall.

Note: The Logitech G7 Cordless mouse has been discontinued. Only place u could find it are maybe found at auction sites or other retailers.

Thanks for reading this review :D