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The Lookout 2007 Widescreen Dvd

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Chris Pratt, an high school hockey player takes a drive at night with three friends and their car is hit by a truck. Chris sustained a permanent brain injury that always his to live physically healthy but slightly mentally challenged. He lives with a blind friend, Lewis, who aids him. His disability causes him to have outbursts of cursing and a very short-term memory. So Chris keeps notes in a notebook to help him remember things. He attends a special school and works as a night janitor at a bank. Chris' parents try to get him to be the person he used to be.

A gang plans to rob the bank where Chris works. The leader tries to get him to join their team and pretends to be friends. He also gets Chris involved with a woman who further pulls him into their group. Confused but wanting to escape his current existence, he initially goes along with the scheme. After realizing he is being used, he attempts to stop the robbery, which of course immediately goes awry.

After they get close and reel him in with his own weaknesses, the bank plan unfolds.

For viewers with any kind of disability, this movie will strike a chord and bring up a lot of personal situations and issues. Although the main character, Chris Pratt, is not physically disabled, he still goes through similar struggles. He tries to cope with what fate brought him. When the robbers befriend him, they are using him, but he sees it as "friends" reaching out to him and they make him feel like he is accepted by them. Only after it is too late does Chris recognize his friends for what they truly are: leeches that are just using him and who planned to dispose of him later.

The story is powerful on so many different levels that it has some impact on everyone that views ist. Each viewer will walk away with something different, but richer in some way. The basic story is simple at first glance. That is the beauty of this movie. It takes a simple story and develops the character of Chris Pratt so much, that he becomes like a friend. Few film's show such depth to a character.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is just phenomenal as Chris Pratt. Who knew this "Third Rock from the Sun" star had the ability to play such a great character? After this performance, everyone knows that Levitt is truly a superb actor. His roe here is arguably as good as Hoffman in "Rain Man" and Robertson in "charly".

Jeff Daniels offers the perfect supporting role as Lewis, Chris Pratt's blind roommate. He offers Pratt his friendship, honesty, insight, and advice. Lewis is humorous and sarcastic, which is just a cover for his intelligence and seriousness. Daniels plays the role perfectly.

The rest of the cast is good as well.

I think the music is the perfect accompaniment to the story.

This movie is a definite must-see for any drama fan of movies that show the struggles of humanity. See up and comer Joseph Gordon-Levitt at his best.