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The Lost Symbol

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Everytime I go on vacation I bring a book to read. Last year it was « Angels and Demons » from Dan Brown, which I really liked. This year I brought the sequel which is Dan Brown's newest book called « The Lost Symbol ».The french version of the book has 595 pages and the english one 528 pages.

The story is about our hero « Harvard symbiologist Robert Langdon », who has been asked by his friend, Peter Solomon, to come to Washington DC to give a conference at the Capitol. The problem was that when he arrived at the Capitol, no one was there for the conference. Only a few tourists were in the room and a bloody hand. A hand, he soon recognize.

I wouldn't say the book is bad because I love to read about symbols, Masons and old rituals stuff. Actually I enjoyed reading it at the beach, it was entertaining, but I preferred reading "Angels & Demons"a lot more.

I didn't get the same anticipation i've felt while reading his previous books. The Lost Symbol is less intriguing and thrilling then the « Da Vinci code » and Angels & Demons in my opinion. And the ending disappointed me a little bit. It didn't reveal a big secret as I thought it would.

For those reasons, I would give it a 3.5 out of 5 star.