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The Lost World

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By sandwichbender on
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The Lost World, Michael Crichton's follow-up to his super successful Jurassic Park, is in no way a bad book. However, when compared to its predecessor, it's flaws really start to show. I remember enjoying a large portion of the Lost World when I read it; the problem is, I don't remember any of the content. That may seem like a fault on my part and not a fault of the book, but the simple fact is that the book just wasn't that memorable. Good books always leave a lasting impression, like Jurassic Park did.

Although it pains me to admit it, it almost seems as if Mr. Crichton was cashing in on a popular franchise, something terrible that we see too often these days. While the enteraining story and characters are still there, it just seems like his heart's not in it.