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The Lowdown On The Xbox 360

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ponypez By ponypez on
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I adore my Xbox 360! It has a great game selection, offers downloadable games, movies, tv shows, demos, and it even works a DVD player. There's so much content, I don't have enough time to make it through it all. The menus are easy to navigate, and you can just pick up a controller and start gaming as soon as you get it home. However, it does have some pretty serious flaws...

It's not a reliable system. My first 360 broke around 6 months after I bougth it. Microsoft provides you with a 3 year warranty, extended from 1 year because so many systems fail. When my system broke, I called customer service to send it in. The whole process took a little over a month, but they sent me back a broken console! I could not believe it. I called back, but their system was down, so they couldn't help me. They told me they would call me back within 3 days, but I never got a call. I finally called back after a week and they told me to send it again, but it would take another 4-6 weeks, despite them sending me back a broken unit. One agent told me I was entitled to some compensation, since it was their mistake in sending me a broken unit. but when I talked with a supervisor, he told me it might make the managers prejudiced against me if I have more problems in the future. I couldn't believe he said that! Two and a half months after my forst 360 broke, I was sent a working 360, but it came with a broken power brick! The customer service and repair center need some serious improvements, as does the reliability of the system. My boyfriend has had a 360 since it was launched and has gone through 5 repairs.Microsoft should have fixed their systems by now so that people would stop having these failure problems. My final gripe is that the system scratches discs, and unless they're a MS game, they won't replace them.

The awesome game slection and being ability to play with friends over Xbox Live outweighs the bad parts of this system, but if you buy one, be prepared for the strong possibility of failure and the potential hassle that ensues.