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The Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

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Missy StGermain By Missy StGermain on
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Back in the Christmas of 06 I asked my mom for a rather unusual gift seeing my birthday is 2 days after xmas too December 27th I found out a local pet store had these rather unusual bugs. I have always loved bugs since a kid a interest I just have collection them observing them I have always heard bout the Hissing cockroach and wanted a couple. Well low and behold I figured out how to breed them as well So now I have bout 50 -60 of them most of them end up as Dragon food. I like them over all they make excellent feeders for my reptiles. Even Green Anoles will eat the baby cockroaches they are fun for reptiles as they can run fast. I wouldn't recommend feeding a adult roach to anything other then a monitor lizard due to the rule of the space between the eyes with lizards you dont' want them to choke or injure themselves on these huge insects. The adult hissers are bout the size of the palm of a human hand. Females slightly larger as they're abdomens need to be to house the egg casing inside their body. They do hiss. They make interesting pets for kids . My little cousins were over for a visit and they liked handling them and were curiuos about htem They l iked thie hissing and stuff they do. They make interesting pets. They are very clean compared to crickets, Easier to breed then crickets for reptile food. They can eat anything from catfood, fishflakes, bread, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, cricket gut load i give them too sometimes if i am gonna feed some nymphs to my beardie. For water buy those insect water pillows at a pet store to prevent drowning. I have mine in a 10 gallon fish tank and may be moving them up to the 20 gallon long soon as i buy my beardie a 55 gallon . I like to use as a substrate something called Eco Earth and put some fake plants and rocks in their cage to make it look more natural for them I also for a hide use egg cartons .and a couple of food and water dishes for them.They are fun pets as well as using their babies for reptile food. They make a money saver for reptile food. Incase of a bad storm in the winter too which we have up in northern new york and I can't make the journey to our massena pet store which is the only one left up here now. I at least have some nymphs of these roaches always around. They do require some heat so i recommend a under the tank heater . and mist the tank during the day on and off cause they like humidity as they come from a humid location. Eek you say cockroaches. no no no they aren't a pest species they are a very good species to the enviroment where they come from in Africa/Madagascar they eat all kind of fallen vegetation and decaying material in the wild and are nescessary for other creatures survival including our own . I like having them as pets and to study as I have learned so much bout the cockroach I no longer see it as the grotesque creature. I really enjoy having them as pets and for feeders for my lizards. If your interested in manufacturing your own lizard food get 2 males and 2 female hissing roaches and they'll do the rest over a candlelite dinner or something haha.

look for madagascar hissing roaches at most pet stores now that carry reptiles or order them off online reptile feeders.