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The Magic Jack

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John Sussdorff By John Sussdorff on
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Magic Computers Jack Voip

The Magic Jack is a great device if you use it for personal use. The Magic Jack will allow you to make 50 calls per day, and will call Canada and the United States. Other countries available for per minute prices. The first service is 1 year and packaged with the retail box.

The Magic Jack is versatile, and worthwhile, but internet dependant. Incoming calls and voicemail included with the price. If the internet is down so is the Magic Jack. Quality of calls depends on the speed of your connection. A big bonus to the Magic Jack is that you can plug-in your own cordless or corded phone, and be up and running in minutes. The downside is if you lose sync on your cable or DSL modem you will drop calls.

Magic Jack offers subscription plans beyond one year. For $69.95 you can get 5 years of service. PayPal or credit card, and you can guarantee that your service will stay active. The software that automatically installs to use the Magic Jack will alert you when its time to renew.

The software is easy to use, and is rich in features. It allows you to control call waiting, and three-way calling. The program also will allow you to change your sound settings and change anything needed for better sound. The voice over internet protocol software is easily disabled should you wish to use your computer sound, simply goto the control panel and switch device sources for audio sounds, and you will be able to listen to music, or play games. That's one of the things that happens is, your sound card audio runs the Magic Jack, so it's best to have two sound cards.

The price is right for the service you get. Instant provisioning and phone number assignment are a plus. The Magic Jack will easily save you more each year you use it, and has 911 service installed with the software so you can feel safe that dialing 911 will get you the emergency help you need. If your internet is rock solid then this is a great solution.

Magic Jack is the cheapest voice over internet option that I know of. It includes the USB to RJ-11 dongle for your computer, and the software automatically installs to guide you through setup. A real jewel, and phone service priced at $20 or less per year is hard to come by. Magic Jack will last for years.