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The Man Eating Tigers Of Sundarbans

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By elyssa on
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In a giant forest by the sea, between the countries of India and Bangladesh, is the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve. This tiger reserve is special -- it is home to more tigers than anywhere on earth, and is the only place where tigers live in a mangrove swamp. The most interesting thing about the tigers at Sundarbans, however, is that they kill about 300 people a year -- more than any other predator.

In other parts of the world, tigers that kill people do so because they are too sick or injured to hunt animal prey; their victims are usually women and children. The tigers of Sundarbans, however, are healthy, and routinely hunt people. The Sundarbans tigers also hunt only men.

Sy Montgomery travels to Sundarbans to try and discover why the tigers who live there are so different from other tigers. The book offers multiple suggestions for why the tigers act this way: they may be protecting their territory, or that the terrain of Sundarbans (twice a day, the tide rises and the surrounding area floods with saltwater) makes it easiest for the tigers to hunt human prey, but none of the ideas given have been proven.

The Man-Eating Tigers of Sundarbans by Sy Montgomery reads like a combination travelogue and mystery novel; it makes it feel like you're involved in the action as well. The photographs are a little bland, but the storytelling is exceptional. This is an exciting read for middle schoolers who like dangerous animals.