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The Markonos Bride By Michelle Reid

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By chelsit on
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The Markonos Bride by Michelle Reid is about a couple Louisa and Andreas a couple who met when she was seventeen and he was twenty two got pregnant then married, and in an unfortunate accident their son died and instead of tuning to each other they each ran away separately to deal with their own grief and never saw each other again until five years apart when due to his mother they both were on the Island where their son died at the same time.

Michelle Reid is an awesome author she shows how two people who went through a very traumatic experience instead of working through their pain together they choose to do it alone by themselves, but they get a another chance to do it in the present. Throughout the book we see Louisa and Andread try to work through there pain to get back the relationship that they had before even though Louisa still loved Andreas she kept fighting it because she was still hurt about they way things turned out in the past..