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The Match Won't Flame

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I bought The Match for my husband as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. The Match is an electronic fire starter. Okay, it's a lighter you use to light BBQ or fireplace fires.

This device is pretty ingenious in design. It looks like a match. A big match because it's 14 inches long.

The Match has an electronic ignition system so there are no flints to change or worry about. It's allegedly refillable with butane.

What I like:

I like how the lighter looks

What I dislike:

The Match only works until it runs out of butane. Once the factory filled butane runs out, you are unlikely to ever get this thing filled to work again. Our Match worked perfectly only one season. We purchased butane and filled it as the directions instructed and it's never worked since.

You can see the spark, but no fire comes out. My husband tried taking it apart and inside there is tubing and a butane tank. The tank has fluid in there and the tubing is intact but something is wrong inside where it won't fire.

If this device worked, it would be perfect. It's a nice weight and the length keeps your hand away from the fire. It's just not reusable like it should be.