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The Matrix: Reloaded, Dvd

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By shulockabaulugy on
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This Movie is a pleasant visceral experience, but without the newness and surprise that made the original great. Action scenes are rehashed - bigger, faster, longer wire-fu with more props and more players... CGI players, including an interest-killing very unhuman looking CGI-Keanu. The middle of the film really drags, with three major overextended fight sequences, an *interminable* but involving rave/sex sequence, and interspersed pauses for philosophical blather about free choice, control, and causality. There's also some matrix programming exposition, which I found more interesting.

The movie ends "to be continued" - with a Matrix Revolution trailer after the credits. Visuals (apart from CG-Keanu) are the strength of this movie. There's also a sense of depth and history to the matrixverse now, with depth and diversity of events and cast, and lots of minor loose ends and ambiguous meanings that you'll enjoy discussing and will look forward to resolving with the next movie.

The Extras on the DVD are about the same as they are on the First movies DVD, some behind the scenes, and some "how they done it" stuff. No commentary is included, however.

Overall a good time, and I would recommend it to the hardcore fans of the first one.