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The Mazda3 Fun To Drive!

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Mark Iskander By Mark Iskander on
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The Mazda3! Ah, good times with this car! Let's start from the outside.

No doubt, the Mazda3 will turn heads and will never fail to impress, with its sexy front design. As some may notice, the front is somewhat shaped like an M, to accomodate for the Mazda logo. From the side to the back, this car is quite a looker, especially at red or darker colors.

Moving onto the indoor features. This car, frankly, doesn't come loaded with many features. The CD player that comes with the Mazda3 is sub-par and fails to impress in comparison with most spoiled cars nowadays. Since the 2006 model, which is the one in the picture, there have been minimal updates to the sound system. However, the speakers are of very high quality.

For the heck of it, I took liberty in installing a subwoofer and amplifier system, and holy cow, it was very easy to install. There were already holes made in the right areas to allow a wire to be made from the battery to the trunk. I also bought an iPod connection cable which is attached to the hidden back of the stereo system on one end, and into my iPod on the other end. With these modifications, the sound is even better, and instantly the car became my favorite place to listen to music.

The seats are very comfortable and feel as if they are wrapping around you when you sit in them.The couch seats are also very comfortable. The car was able to seat four to five people as necessary, and it delievered in terms of comfort. (Although, mind you, the people sitting on the rear couch had to live with my subwoofer banging at their backs. I have no regrets!)

Now, to the main winning component of not only the Mazda3, but many other models from Mazda. Where it fails to deliver in features like advanced CD players and such, it wonderfully makes up for in the joy of driving it. The Mazda 3 is a very fuel-efficient vehicle. Based on a digital display built-in to the dashboard, a full tank of gas can power the car for a whopping 650 kilometers before going dry. That's intense! At this age, where gas is becoming more scarce and expensive, getting a fuel-efficient vehicle may be in one's best interests.

The award-winning suspension delievered an incredibly smooth ride, even on the horrid roads of the small towns. The Mazda3 also performs well in wet environments and in snow or ice, using stock winter tires. It turns sharply as required and is generally very responsive. Upon testing, my Mazda3 delivered a 0-60 speed of 8 seconds, which is rather good for a vehicle of its class and fuel efficiency.

There will be no regrets made for any Mazda3 owners! Unless you're planning to haul a house around, that is. :)