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The Maze Runner By James Dashner

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The Maze Runner is written by James Dashner and is the first in a trilogy. At first glance, the cover really catches your eye. It is very suspenseful and intriguing. That is what initially caught my attention to buy and read the book. A boy named James wakes up in a civilization with no memory. He is surrounded by other young boys who are trapped in a maze. The beginning of the book is very confusing and I did not like it at all. It starts of very slow with minimal dialogue. The author spends the first 40 pages in the book describing the scenery and what is around the main character. This can be very boring to some, but it is nice to paint a picture of what is in the book. Around page 100 is where it starts to get very good. It was hard to put the book down after that point. It begins to live up to what the cover shows; suspense and terror. The author places many twists and turns throughout the book that are original and not predictable.

The story has a couple of figures that resemble monsters. They might scare some readers, but for me they were just cheesy. It was hard not to laugh when they were introduced into the story. I was more scared from the antagonist then I was the actual monsters. They might appeal to younger readers but for the older readers, they seem like they are only there for a comical purpose.

There is a small romance that is placed in the novel that was written very well. I was pulling for the main character and the girl to be together. They have that chemistry that I like to read about. It did not seem fake or pushy, it was meant to be. The only thing that bugged me about the romance was that for the first half of the book, she isn't even awake! She is in a coma so she doesn't make her entrance well until it is almost over. That was a letdown, because if they were given more time to develop in the story- there would have been a deeper romance.

The story line to the book is very fast paced and nail-biting. I really enjoyed the plot twists; which were unforeseen. The motive to the story was well thought out by the author, and was very original to other young adult fiction novels. I would have to say the best part to the book would have to be the ending. It was a complete shocker. I did not see it coming at all, and I actually feel for the characters and what is going to happen to them. Even though the book has a slow start, the characters, plot, and storyline all prepare for an exceptional novel. I would recommend this book to anyone.